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One of the missing pieces in fingerstyle guitar education is the availability of high quality transcriptions and pedagogical materials. As such, I am committed to providing online students the highest quality materials to work from.

Here is an example of our current notational practices. This is the introduction from Leo Kottke's 1972 performance of "Eggtooth" that appeared on Leo Kottke/My Feet Are Smiling

"Eggtooth" introduction

As an additional example of what students can expect, here is the first page of Bert Jansch's arrangement of "Angie" by Davey Graham. 

Page 1 of "Angie 

Here is the first in a sequence of learning modules for developing the necessary skills to play beginning country blues repertoire such as Mississippi John Hurt’s “Spike Driver Blues.” It presents the fundamental building blocks for playing an alternating bass line, adding a melody over the bass line, and adding notes off the beat.
View Learning Module 1 here
Technical studies are the building blocks for developing right- and left-hand technique. Here is an example of a right-hand arpeggio study with right-hand string-stopping.
View Right-Hand String-Stopping Arpeggio Study No. 121 here

I have extensive experience working with the printed music published by Stropes Editions, the premiere music publisher of accurate fingerstyle guitar transcriptions. View the complete list of individual transcriptions and books here.
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