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Lessons are offered using Skype, a free, web-based, real-time video conferencing program or, if you are a Mac user, via Facetime. Since 2008, I have worked with students on five continents and in every part of the United States. The results have far exceeded my expectations.
Lessons cover a broad range of stylistically diverse repertoire from country blues to contemporary fingerstyle guitar. They address a wide variety of topics from introductory alternating bass patterns to advanced techniques such as right-hand string-stopping. They explore the music of artists such as Mississippi John Hurt, John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Alex de Grassi, Michael Hedges, and many more. Lessons are specifically tailored to accommodate each student’s individual goals and unique learning processes. All skill levels are welcome including absolute beginners.
Repertoire is supplemented with historical background, specifically designed pedagogical materials, and exercises to develop right- and left-hand technique. Students will develop strong fundamental skills and a comprehensive understanding of the repertoire, historically and musically.
I have the great pleasure of working closely with leading fingerstyle guitar educator and historian John Stropes. Along with pushing the standards for accurate transcription and typesetting of fingerstyle repertoire, we are also prototyping the next generation of pedagogical materials, and are very excited to offer this knowledge and experience to students around the world. In addition to a long list of standard fingerstyle guitar repertoire, I have extensive experience performing and teaching the repertoire published by Stropes Editions.

For more information, check out PRICING & POLICIES and FAQ
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