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The quality of instruction is immensely superior to any local teaching I have found in the Boston area. I feel I have accomplished more in 18 months of Skype lessons than I had in a decade of in-person lessons. That says something.


Kristen D., New Hampshire


I've been playing guitar for almost 14 years. I discovered Ben Kammin as I was searching for information about Leo Kottke's music. I've been taking lessons via Skype with Ben for almost 4 years. The change in my playing has been dramatic. His teaching has enabled me to progress from making my way through an arrangement to actually playing music with correct technique, rhythm and emphasis. During my first 10 years I was in no shape to play out publicly. Now I do perform out at fundraisers, parties and coffee houses. My only regret is that I didn't find Ben sooner!!


Mark L., Vermont

I have been taking online lessons from Ben for nearly four years. In the beginning, I had some reservations about the effectiveness of taking guitar lessons online.  Instead, I now enjoy the convenience and flexibility online lessons offer. The music and visual instruction come through clearly. My guitar playing had plateaued and my understanding of "Kottke" tablature was weak. Ben's knowledge and ability to teach has jumped started my playing again. He is a patient instructor, and his mastery of the instrument and music is inspiring. My playing is on the move again. 

Steve E., California

I’ve always wanted to play guitar. I can’t imagine anything more joyful than making music, but playing an instrument has never come easily to me. Playing fingerstyle guitar was my dream—an experience I thought would doubly joyful—but that seemed completely unattainable. With Ben’s expert guidance, I’m realizing my dream—and it’s just as joyful as I imagined.

Jeff S., Massachusetts

As I was combing through YouTube videos of Little Martha (Leo Kottke's arrangement of the Duane Allman tune), I came across Ben playing the piece and was blown away! I learned that he had studied under John Stropes in Milwaukee, and was offering Skype lessons. He’s a fantastic instructor who can really pick up on the nuances of your playing and can explain to you what you’re doing right and what you’re not. He has a laid back, easy going mentoring style-but will also motivate you to be better each week. Ben has been absolute gold for my guitar journey!

Hartwell S., Tennessee

I have been taking lessons from Ben for about a year and a half and am delighted with them. I was initially skeptical of the concept of guitar lessons via Skype, but I have found it works quite well with only the camera in my laptop. What separates Ben from others is his ability to teach not just the song, but the music. He conveys the idiomatic nuances of the artists and walks me through what initially might seem like awkward fingering, but explains why it is so. If you are serious about learning how to play some of the iconic fingerstyle guitar pieces (I’m working on "Angie" by Davey Graham right now), reach out to Ben. I wish I’d done so earlier.


Geoff W., Texas 

I began taking fingerstyle guitar lessons from Ben, beginning as a brand new player, about five or six years ago. I consider myself lucky to have found him and now regard him as a friend as well as a teacher. I’ve always been impressed by Ben’s approach to teaching; each lesson builds on previous lessons, and the selection of practice pieces is deliberate and are just challenging enough for the student to recognize progress, a key to continuing motivation. I’ve also appreciated Ben as my biggest cheerleader; always encouraging and kind enough to find something to praise about my playing even when I couldn’t. Thank you Ben.

Jay M., Oregon

I met Ben in 2013, where he was instructing at an annual Leo Kottke Workshop in Milwaukee. I was impressed by not only his technical skill on the guitar, but his complete knowledge of the material and his ability to pass that information to the students. I was happy to learn that via Skype, the opportunity existed to take weekly lessons with him. That was six years ago, and I'm happy to say I'm still taking the lessons and still enjoying studying guitar. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to advance their guitar playing!

Tim L., Texas

I have been taking guitar lessons from Ben Kammin since December of 2013. I have no music background and Ben’s patience and depth of knowledge has allowed me to progress consistently in my understanding of not only the how(s) of guitar but also the why(s). Ben is an expert at relaying his knowledge and experience in a format that is easy to understand and that builds on prior learnings. I highly recommend him and believe that if you engage him you will not be disappointed.

Mike O., Arizona

I've been extremely fortunate to find Ben to be my guitar teacher. He is unfailingly patient and encouraging. His ear is phenomenal. His playing is amazing. He has helped me with music theory as well as my playing. I could not make a higher recommendation.


Bill C., Illinois

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